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Almost Like Being In Love



I am not a romance novel reader. My mom and aunt would read Harlequin romance novels. I remember when my mom died we got rid of several bag fulls. I read one once and I was not impressed. First, I don’t believe that men act like that. I guess that is why these books are called fantasy.

Almost Like Being In Love by Beth K. Vogt is not a fantasy novel. While reading I had the sense that this could actually happen. You could have let a relationship go because you wanted to please a parent who didn’t like them and then ended up in a relationship that didn’t fit, but made your parents happy. Caron, is a well-developed heroine of her story. So is Kade and Alex the romantic interests in the story. If you enjoy romance novels. This one will be right up your alley.

Here are some things that I took away while reading Almost Like Being In Love:

  • No matter how much you love and respect your parents they do not know everything about you. You can love and respect them and still follow your own path. When you don’t, you end up not happy and not fulfilling your purpose.
  • Others opinions about things are not accurate opinions. Yes, get peoples thoughts. It helps you on the course of discovering the decision you need to make. Ultimately, it is your own intuition that matters the most.
  • Love is not always lost.
  • All things are possible. Jesus said it a few times in the Bible so it must be true.

In exchange for my honest review I was given a free copy of Beth K. Vogt Almost Like being in love by Howard Books. The opinions I express are my own.

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