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Finding Your Brave


I love how God works. Just when I am processing a change in my journey “Finding Your Brave” by Holly Wagner shows up in my mailbox.

What I love is that she takes the story of Paul and the shipwreck in Acts 27 and twists it into a new outlook for us to seek our own brave during the storm.

These are the things that I took from Wagner’s book:

  • She defines what being brave differently than I have ever heard. Here is her definition “Real bravery is finishing the race even if you are in last place. Bravery is forgiving your friend when she lets you down. Finding your brave is telling the truth or asking for help or loving someone difficult to love.”
  • When a storm starts you don’t run, hide, and do nothing. You brace yourself like the crew did on the ship when they braced their ship for the storm that was hitting them.
  • There are three big baggage’s that are generally the root of our storms: Insufficiency, insignificance, and insecurity.
  • There are 4 anchors that God has provided for us to help us brace for the storm. Anchor 1, identity. Anchor 2, Purpose. Anchor 3, Contentment. And Anchor 4, Church Home.
  • Having a spirit of gratitude and worshiping God strengthens us.


I am embarking a new adventure and I am sure there will be a storm or two while I walk this new path for my life. I’m thankful that now I have some tools that will aide me on my journey. A small reminder to anchor and brace myself with God’s love, determination, strength, and faith that all things are possible. I highly recommend this book, especially for the men and women who are fighting an illness.


In exchange for my honest review I was given a free copy of Finding Your Brave by Holly Wagner by Blogging for Books. My opinions are my own.

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