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June: Sharing My Spoons



Wow, May sure went by fast, didn’t it? June is here.

May was a busy month. I ended up having another laser surgery on my throat on May 25th, so I am in healing mode right now. I now have my stitches out.

I did not accomplish many of my goals for May. For the exercise my breathing was difficult due to my stenosis. You can see by the picture that the surgeon did before he cut away the scar tissue that I was breathing through a cocktail straw. Not easy at all. I did not practice any of my breathing exercises either. The only thing that I accomplish was going to the Hillsong United Concert on May 10th. It was awesome. Loved every minute of it. I also picked a recipe and it was delicious, polenta and fried eggs.

My goals for the month of June will be simple. After seeing the Physiatrist I now have some goals in mind when it comes to moving my body. The goal is to go to pool therapy after my throat is done with healing. He gave me a couple of suggestions while I am waiting to move my body.

Physical: I start pool therapy on June 20th. I’m excited and a bit nervous. Until then I will get up and stretch as much as I can throughout the day.

Mental: Practice my mental hygiene. Use my tool kit that I have. Journal, practice my breathing, color, snuggle with my boy, use the scripture cards that I have written out, read an inspiring book, write a letter to someone, or even just go outside if it isn’t in the high 90’s and appreciate nature.

Spiritual: I want Jesus. Recently I read Christine Caine’s book Unashamed. Life changing. Make prayer a daily habit, write it down in my journal, and put on some worship music and sing to God. Linda (my caregiver) and I have started a devotional together and have started watching some of the programs in the morning on The Hillsong Channel. I love this channel and I have enjoyed listening to Bobbi Houston and many more.  I think that is what I am missing in my life, having a connection with others with Jesus. I’m still praying about it. One day I will go to the Colour conference or even Joyce Meyers conference.

Something Fun:  I am thinking about inviting my sister in law and brother over with my nephews and nieces for a game night at my house or even maybe some of my friends in my life to come over and have a game night.

Bonus: Since I had to postpone my infusion from June 3rd until July 1st. I have been collecting and putting recipes into a book that I want to make. I want to do a few of them this month and freeze some ahead for the two weeks that I will not be up to par while recovering from the chemo infusion. That is my goal this month. Pick out at least 5 recipes to make and put some in the freezer for that two week period that I am recovering from.

May had a bunch of surprises for me. I felt blessed. I celebrated my birthday by going to the Grotto and having dinner with my mom and my brother’s family and two of my best friends. I had another throat surgery. I read a ton of great books. I journaled. And a closing of a chapter and the beginning of my next chapter of my journey with tracheal stenosis and Vasculitis is beginning. Every year, every month I am becoming more and more in love with Jesus and how things work. It’s not always easy. Waiting happens a lot, but I am a work in progress. And I know that all things are possible with Jesus. He strengthens me. I’m glad I chose possible for one of my words this year.

Keep on breathing… Remember Jesus loves you. And all things are possible.

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