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If you have been reading my blog for the last few years you know that I have been through some rough storms these last six year. I’m happy to say that with God I have gone through and am looking at the gorgeous sunset. I’m sure there will be more storms as I step out and move forward into the goals and direction that Jesus wants me to go. I still desire to bring Living Well with Chronic Conditions to my home town of Longview Washington. I still desire to keep writing my blog, perhaps going into a different direction. Still talking about my journey through my tracheal stenosis, my Wegener’s, and RA. Still encouraging and inspiring others to keep moving forward, trusting Jesus, open up to the possibilities that life has for you.

Yes, I know that I am sounding like Pollyanna. I will be the first one to tell you that I am not Pollyanna. I had my clusters of disasters that brought me to the edge of quitting. That made me curse God and doubt his plans for my life. I felt the guilt and the shame of being disabled. I still have twinges of shame and guilt, because although I am remission from my illness and my trachea is as open as it is going to get. I still have issues. I’m just choosing not to dwell in the waters of comparison and the stream of shame and the mountains of doubt. I’m choosing to swim in the ocean of love, the river of truth, and the glorious mountain of trusting Jesus.

I read recently that one must renew their mind daily. Paul says it a few times in the Bible. I believe it. I’m choosing to renew my mind. I’m choosing to do whatever Jesus calls me to do. I’m choosing to live a life of wellness. I’m choosing to let go of shame, guilt, doubt, and confusion. I’m choosing to not live in fear anymore. I’m moving forward. It’s not easy for me.

This is what I know. For right now, I am starting small. I’m being called to go to pool therapy, to strengthen my body. Exercise is vital. It keeps you strong. I couldn’t exercise for 6 years. I am living with the effects of that. Here is what my body is doing.

  1. My back hurts a lot, because of all the sitting I am doing.
  2. When I stand up. I hunch over.
  3. My legs are weak and wobbly.
  4. I’m having a hard time digesting my food. Although, part of that reason is the immune suppressant drugs I still have to take.

Here is one thing I want you to know. I am saying this in my most kindest voice that I have. Please eat well for your body, please move your body in some form, please renew your mind daily. Here are some inspiring talks by some amazing God fearing people that I know.

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