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The Sisterhood


To be honest I had never heard of Bobbie Houston until recently. I just only recently learned about the music of Hillsong United. I was excited to have the opportunity to read Bobbie Houston’s book “The Sisterhood”. I also started watching the Hillsong Channel. Then I saw her speak on the Colour Conference on the TV. I was inspired by her. One of the reasons I stopped going to church was the dishonor of women. I was taught that we weren’t supposed to have dreams. The only things we were capable of was to be married, support our husband’s dreams, raise children, and not say a word. I have felt that was wrong. We are to be partners with the men. I’m glad that there are pioneers out there and that there is something called the Colour Conference. I hope to one day go to one.

Here is what I learned from reading Bobbie Houston’s book:

  • She established the Colour Conference in order to shine a light on the value of being a woman. To drown out the darkness and allow the light to come in of Jesus.
  • Proverbs 31 is a discovery of a woman who says yes to faith, purpose, diligence, and service. Yes to all dynamics that make for health and well-being. This woman becomes our role model for possibility.
  • Women need to hear that God profoundly believes in them and so do others.
  • It is time to place value on womanhood, value so we can penetrate the darkness and challenge the injustice.
  • As men and women we can either contribute to the pain or stand and be advocates of value and healing. The choice is ours to make.
  • Sisterhood is about sharing life with the young and the older women in a manner that is natural and not forced.
  • Women are not beneath, behind or secondary. We are worthy of honor and respect.



In exchange for my honest review of The Sisterhood by Bobbie Houston I was given a free e-book version by Netgalley. The opinions I express are my own.

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