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The Book of Esther



Esther is my favorite stories in the Bible. In a lot of ways I saw correlation between Esther of the Bible and Esther in Emily Barton’s book “The Book of Esther”. Simply put, I enjoyed reading about a young girl being the hero during world war two. Who made a decision and took the steps to become head of an army to help product her town during World War II when Germany was trying to conquer the world with their anti-Semitic rhetoric. If you want to get lost in a story this is one to get lost in.

Here are a few reasons why I enjoyed “The Book of Esther”:

  • Esther the character herself. She was determined, smart, educated, and simply wanted to help the people in her town. So much like Esther in the Bible like I said above. This desire made her become a warrior.
  • Esther goes and speaks with the magicians they call them who she wants to make her into a boy, so that she can fight.
  • Since the magicians wouldn’t change her, she decides to do a ritual bath and ask God to change her. It didn’t happen. God kept her a woman and made her a leader of an army.
  • I love that Esther’s army were made up of men who were giant made out of the mud by the magicians and different people from different towns around her. Especially ones who were not looked on as safe. She got them to work together in order to fight their common enemy. The Germans.


There is much more, but I do not wish to give the story away. You simply will have to buy the book and find out how to fights the Germans. And what happened when she returned to her father. It’s a great story.


In exchange for my honest review I was given a free copy of The Book of Esther by Emily Barton through Blogging For Books. My opinions are my own. They were not solicited.

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