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Chasing Wellness: Being Intentional

Time for my next installment of chasing wellness with me. I failed. I didn’t do my standing that much this week. I have been feeling the effects of missing my Rituximab infusion which is a month overdue. I woke up swollen, a headache, and my joints hurting. I just didn’t feel well. Yesterday, I got my Rituxan infusion and guess what within 30 minutes my joints were not hurting and the swelling went down. I also learned that from now on I will be receiving 4 infusions a month. With each treatment being one 500 ML bag every two weeks then a 6 month break and then another 500 ML bag every two weeks. Recently, Doctor Anderson my ENT and I have been discussing that I might need to increase my infusions because it is working but perhaps more would help a bit more. I’m hoping this will be the case. This week, while healing from the 100 MG of steroid they gave me along with my infusion I will stand for 2 minutes twice a day. While standing I will recite Philippians 4:13 my memory verse from last week. I want to leave you with a thought this week. Something that I am contemplating since my awesome conversation with my awesome sister-friend Summer about being intentional with my choices I make towards my life goals. It is so easy to fall into a pattern of habitual things that don’t really make our lives better or our health better. For me that is not eating nightshades, watching portion control, drinking water instead of soda, although, I am doing better now. And remembering to take my medication and moving my body and so many other things that it can be overwhelming. You think, no one else does these things. If you truly think about it successful at life and I am not talking about the rich business people. I’m talking about those individuals who are truly happy, have no drama, who are falling their calling live their life. They intentionally choose things that inspire, encourage, support, and fuel their bodies and minds. I am thinking I have my new focus word for 2017. I just might write a blog post in the future about being intentional. I will say so long for now. Keep breathing and remember we all can make better choices.

If you live in the Longview Washington Area and would like to get health coaching and a trainer or either one contact Karen Clemenson with Wellness Works NW. Karen is Summer’s wife and Karen’s heart and desire is help those with chronic illness become their best. She is awesome.

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  2. […] like in my blog, Being Intentional, I talked about my conversation with Summer, my sister-friend and awesome writer for Wellness […]

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