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Intercessory Prayers




Since I have watched the movie War Room I have been on a quest to learn all I can to pray deeply. God lead me to Dutch Sheets book Intercessory Prayer. I love how God works in my life. He brings something that I need to learn and know into my sight. I’ve learned to listen, watch, wait, and pray.

Sheets goes deeper into prayer. He explains intercessory prayer this way “Intercessory prayer is an extension of the ministry of Jesus through his Body, the Church, whereby we mediate between God and humanity for the purpose of reconciling the world to Him, or between Satan and humanity for the purpose of enforcing the victory of Calvary.”

Here is what I took from reading Dutch Sheets book:

  • We, as believers are Jesus representors. We have been sent witih authority to do God’s work. We are His body.
  • With the power of prayer we can build boundaries between us and Satan. This is our way of putting on the full armor of Christ.
  • Daily, we must go to the secret daily place with God in order to be feed. This keeps us attuned to our creator.
  • Travailing is a form of intercession where we give birth to someone, we produce, and we create. To be honest, I’m still processing this information. I will have to reread and study this further.
  • We have to quit saying one worded or one sentence prayers and really dig deeper and spend more time with Jesus. Really become intercessors for those around us and the world. We have that authority through Jesus.


Like I spoke above I am still processing all that I learned from reading this book. I have been a believer in Jesus for over 30 years and to be honest I come from a conservative church. I still feel awkward with some of the worship and laying on hands and such that I have seen. It just wasn’t how I experienced God. I don’t condemn or deny that Jesus and his spirit are powerful and all things are possible. I’m still learning how to pray effectively and finding my authority of Jesus’ follower. If you want to dive deeper into prayer and develop a personal relationship with Jesus this book is a great one to study.



I was given a free copy of Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets from Bethany House in exchange for my review. The opinions I express are my own.

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