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Possible: A Blueprint For Change


Possible, a word that I chose for my focus word this year. Oh what a ride. Possible: A Blueprint For Change by Stephan Bauman is just one of the many books that Jesus lead me to this year. Possible seems to be popping out at me everywhere.

Bauman takes us on a journey of the world and how we as a people can help those who are in need. He also helps his reader figures out what their passion is with his mapping for a better future segment of his book. I’m still working on my own mapping. I have a feeling this will be a tool I wish use quite a lot in my life.

Here are some great things that I learned while reading:

  • Living life unafraid but yet vulnerable is when real change in the world happens. It was what moved many to seek change in the injustices of the world.
  • We are the hands and feet of God. That means that we extend love, mercy, and compassion to the world that is from him.
  • We all have a pattern, even the Jesus. First, we have a vision, then sometimes a mountaintop experience, then a glimpse of the future. This is what gives us our assignments for Jesus.
  • Pruning and death are the same. We are to grieve and then see beyond the pain in order to find our way.
  • A heart change without a corresponding life change is not what God wants. Both are important in order to be God’s hands and feet.


Reading Bauman’s book put a lot of things into perspective for me with my own ministry, or better sad what I think I’m being lead to minister to. I am currently using the mapping tool on page 177 to help me multiply the change that I want to see in my own community. Possible is more than a hope filled sentiment mentioned in the bible. I’ve seen possible in my own life and I know that with each step and life change and heart change I get stronger and stronger in finding my identity in the whole scheme of my community. Widening my lens of the world to way beyond myself is the first step to reaching the scope that I want to reach.

I only had one issue with reading Bauman’s book. The scriptures he uses he doesn’t give the reference. I would have liked to have the reference so that I could look it up in my own bible and let it sink into my heart and my mind. Other than that one complaint. I find this book a useful tool, especially for anyone who is looking into becoming a part of or starting their own ministry. The tools he uses helps one narrow their perspectives down to the one that they should focus on and it helps them incorporate all their passions so that they are not left confused and have a chaotic mess.

I hope you will check this book out.



In exchange for a copy of Possible: A Blueprint For Change I was given a free copy through Blogging For Books. The opinions I express are my own.

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