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The Components of Exercise: How I will Achieve Them



If you have been reading my blog for any length of time. You know some things about me. I love food, I love reading, I have breathing issues, and I have not been able to exercise for years due to my condition. The last two items frustrated me the most. You also know that I’m not one to sit around feeling sorry for myself. I’m a take action kind of gal.

August, I am beginning my exercise program. I’m starting with pool therapy. I’m excited to start in the swimming pool. I’m looking to the pool to launch me in the right direction towards exercising my body in ways that I need it. I do however, have to do this mindfully and with intention because of the numerous illnesses I have. In preparation, I started doing a bit of research about exercise and the main components I needed to focus on.

Here are the components of exercise:

  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Flexibility
  • Body fat composition


I have had some obstacles even before I start my pool therapy, which I start Friday. The nerves in my lower back and feet hurt badly every time I would stand up. When I went for my evaluation the PT told me to start standing for just a few minutes. I started but end up hurting. Not soreness, but out right hurting. It was not good. I thought, why am I torturing myself? That is when I saw my pain doctor again and told him about it. He then prescribed a medication to help with nerve pain. So far, 4 days taking it. I am standing straighter and I don’t hurt standing. Now the issue is my breathing and endurance and of course, my joints. Those of us with chronic conditions involving our breathing and joints know just how careful we have to be when we choose an exercise to do. We also must know when to stop and rest too. It’s a conundrum we have to face when walking on a wellness path with a chronic condition.

Breathing will always be a difficult thing for me, but that will not stop me from rebuilding my muscles. I have to be careful what kind of cardiovascular exercise I choose to do because of my tracheal stenosis. Thankfully in July, my apartment acquired a recombinant stationary bike in the gym. I’m thinking this will be a great way for me to get my cardiovascular exercise in. Then of course, I have a balance ball and eventually I will get a yoga mat and yoga DVD too.

As for my joints, I know the heated whirlpool will be a good thing for them. I also know that stretching and moving them will be good for them too. I just have to remember to do it at my own pace and not at the pace of others. I also have to keep in my mind that pain is not gain.

Here are some important reasons to work your muscles:

Your bones become stronger

You can manage your weight

You enhance your life

You can manage your chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, ETC.

You can sharpen your mind
I’m looking forward to beginning an exercise program. Although, a part of me is fearful. I know that it will increase my joy in my life. I know it will allow me to do many of the things that I love. I have accepted my condition. I have accepted that I have limitations, and that I can choose to do slow, deliberate movement to keep my body well. With intention, I am pursuing movement as a part of my wellness plan. I will have bad days when it will be difficult to make that decision. I am not going to beat myself up anymore over the things I cannot do and focus on what I can do. I think that is the biggest mind buster for those of us with chronic conditions. Not beating ourselves up over what we can’t do. I’m tired of being a tyrant to myself. I am going to give myself the same compassion that I give others.

I want to encourage you my dear reader to take loving care of yourself. Find the movements that work for you. Find the support system that will encourage you, and sometimes we have to go outside of our family and friends to find that kind of support. Keep on moving, breathing, and kicking butt on your wellness journey.

Here are some great links I would like to share:


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