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A Call To Mercy




This week while I have been healing from my latest trachea surgery I have been reading “A Call To Mercy” by Mother Teresa. I remember watching Mother Teresa on TV as a young child and being deeply fascinated by this small woman with a huge heart. I am not a Catholic, I probably never will be. Even so, I can see the Lord of Jesus in the stories about mother Teresa and what she did and how she valued people. This is exactly what I needed to read this week.

Here is what I took away from “A Call To Mercy”:

  • People are valuable. They need to know this when we speak to them, feed them, and look into their eyes. Mother Teresa knew this.
  • Giving someone kindness, respect, and reverence can do more for someone than we will ever realize.
  • Restoration is part of confession and is an intricate part of the relationship we have with Jesus Christ.
  • Be kind, no matter what happens to you always be kind.
  • Make family a big part of your life, even if it is for ten minutes a day. Even if you have misunderstandings, arguments, and fights, make room for your family. It’s a beautiful thing.

As, I stated above, I’m not a Catholic, don’t know much about being one. One of the things that I noticed and truly appreciate about this book was the beautifully written prayers that is part of the reflection section of each chapter. They are so beautiful. I’m going to reread many of them and write them down for myself in my journal. This book fit perfectly with the documentary I watched recently about Mother Teresa from Netflix too. I recommend whether you are a Catholic or just an ordinary Christian lady like myself that you read with an open and loving heart at how Mother Teresa shared her gift with the world. She definitely knew how to love well. Thank you Jesus for Mother Teresa and all that she did.

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A Call To Mercy

In exchange for my honest review of A Call To Mercy by Mother Teresa I was a given a free copy by Blogging For Books. My opinions are my own.

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