When I was in 4th grade I remember watching the Challenger going up into space and how it exploded. I remember the impact it had on everything. Even my favorite TV show Punky Brewster aired a show on it. So when I saw Spaceman by Mike Massimino offered I decided that I wanted to read this book. I’m glad I did.

I have always wondered why someone decides to become an astronaut and go into space. In Spaceman you learn how Massimino did it. I can tell by how he writes that he is a relationship oriented type of person. He works hard. He values everyone that has helped him achieve his dream. He values his family.

Here are some things I took away from Spaceman:

  • You must have passion for something you love doing. Whether it is to become an astronaut, a teacher, an engineer, a pastor. Passion is one key element to get you where you want to go.
  • The phrase being a self-made man is a myth. Every single one of us has had people who have encouraged and helped us achieve our goals. We need these people to encourage us,, work with us, and to be our teammates. No one gets far without a team.
  • No matter how much you think you have control, you don’t. No matter what it is you only have an effect on certain things and not on everything.
  • Keep moving forward towards your goal no matter, even if things change keep your goal in mind and keep moving forward. And listen to your teammates, family, mentors, and friends when they encourage you.

This is an excellent book, worth the time and energy to read. I love the descriptions Massimino uses to describe what it was like working on the Hubble and free flying while trying to fix it. I would be scared, but he somehow manages to work through his doubts and fears and with his teammates gets the job done. Well done.



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In exchange for my honest review I was given a free copy of Spaceman by Mike Massimino from Blogging for Books. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

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