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A New Year and A New Attitude

2017 is finally upon me. The last couple of months have been a chaotic mess. I had two major surgeries on my trachea. One that put in the T-tube stent, turns out it didn’t work for me and so now I am back to my Jaxton 5 trach and that requires a surgery too. The second time I came home with a huge burn around both of my eyes. It was bright red. It came from the heated breathing treatments I was receiving from the hospital. It hurt. Lidocaine and coconut oil has been doing a great job in healing my burns. I’m back to normal.

2017, what do I want for this year for me. I finally picked my focus words.

Identity: I have no idea who I am anymore. What I thought I was is not true anymore because of my health condition and my trach. This time around my trach is causing me to live on my bed where my large machine nublizer is so that my trach area is moist and I can easily cough it out. I’m a mucus making machine. It is tiresome. My tired could be because I’m still recovering from the two surgeries that I have had in November and in December. Since I have decided that Identity is my word, I knew I made the right choice when God started sending me books in the mail for my review about Identity in Him. I love how God works that way.

Enjoy: will be my second word this year. I was to enjoy my life. I don’t want to be negative and bored out of my mind. I want to laugh, be happy, enjoy what I am doing, breathing, eating, drinking, writing, taking, and just everything. I miss that carefree joy I felt when I was younger and things were new and I had a hopeful future. I want that again. I’m going out to explore that.

In 2016 I chose the words Possible and Worship. God gave me a lot of wonderful opportunity to discover what is possible and how to worship. I went to the biggest worship service I have ever been to when my sister and I went to the Hillsong United concert in May of 2016. I enjoyed it.

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017 brings me and what I find. Happy New Year! Breathe well, my friends.

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