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60 Days of Happiness


I received Randy Alcorn’s book “60 Days of Happiness” from Tynsdale Books in exchange for my honest review. The opinions I express are my own and in no way influenced.


For 2017 I chose two focus words identity and enjoy. Soon after I made my choice I received Randy Alcorn’s book “60 Days of Happiness”.

I love that Alcorn writes that happiness and joy are the same thing. Joy is not holier than happiness according to Alcorn. God wants us to be happy during the challenging trials that we face as Christians.

I am on day 19 and let me just say that Alcorn’s insights have been giving me knew aspects of what happiness and joy and gladness actually are and mean in the Christian life. When I first got sick and started having surgeries for my trachea, I’m not on 117 and still counting, happiness and joy seemed to go right out the window. That is why I wanted to focus on enjoying things in my life, the simple, the adventurous, the lovely and I also wanted to find my identity is Christ. I seemed to have lost my perspective of these things.

The quotes and the scripture references that he uses are helpful in this discovery too. It’s an all-around good book. The only complaint is that I wish the back cover wasn’t so easily lost and it was actually stuck to the book, other than that minor complaint I recommend this book to any follower of Jesus who wants to find their happiness and to live happy fully.

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