I have read several of Beth Moore’s books over the years. Audacious was different. I love the way Moore uses language to make her readers feels inspire and loved by Jesus.

In Moore’s book you learn what Audacious means and what it means to have verve for Jesus. After reading I realize that I need more verve in my life when it comes to Jesus. God created me to be a strong woman and one who will use her voice. Even though, my voice is challenged by my tracheotomy I still have one that I must prime and prepare for my next chapter in my life.

I bought Moore’s book myself, the title struck me as something I needed to read. Last year was tough for me and I needed to be reminded that I am part of Jesus’ family and that all things are possible. Sometimes I have to Be still and know that God is there and he is guiding me to where I need to be.

I want every single woman that I know or don’t know to read Audacious. I hope you will pick it up and be inspired and encouraged.


Here are some links I’d like to share with you:


Beth Moore


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