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Without Rival



withoutWhen I made the decision to focus on identity Without Rival by Lisa Bevere was one of the first books that came to my door. I have read Bevere before and I follow her on Facebook. I’m going to share the three things that made an impression on me.


  • Comparison kills hope. Comparison kills joy. Comparison kills relationships. I have compared myself to healthy people. I think to myself I can’t do what they are doing because I can’t breathe well. It does kill my hope and joy. I must stop this.


  • The woman at the well’s name was Photini. After her encounter with Jesus she went to Africa with her children and spread the Good News and then when she heard about the persecution of Christians from Nero she went back to Rome to speak with Nero. He didn’t listen. He instead imprisoned Photini and her children. She died in a well that Nero put her in. This tells me that no matter how many mistakes I have made in my past or how much someone tells me or treats me like I am worthy of love and respect that it isn’t true. I am. Women are capable, and worthy enough to share Jesus with anyone.


  • I am not too old to set another goal and to achieve it. I am not so disabled that I cannot set another goal and achieve it. I am not too fat to set another goal and to achieve it. Without Rival is an encouraging book for women who want to move forward.


I recommend this book to any woman who wants to know her identity and to use her gifts.

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