Own It

In exchange for my review I was given a copy of Sallie Krawcheck’s book Own It from Blogging For Books. The opinions I express are my own and were in no way influenced.

For a while now I have been interested in strong women and how they achieved their success. I was also interested in how they were treated and how they moved through the obstacles they faced. I am interested in their stories. Sallie Krawcheck’s book Own It she takes you on a snippet of her journey through her time at Wall Street and now her own business Ellevest. She gives her readers practical, smart, and kind advice on how to maneuver through the obstacles. I love that she says women need to support each other as they walk the path of success. Her goal seems to be to empower women, to teach us how to not only support each other, but to admit and work through the failures we will incur along the way. I find Krawcheck to be authentic, real, and honest.

Each chapter offers wonderful, insightful tips from networking to communicating about our own biases. I believe this book is great for any woman who is looking to achieve her own successful business and learn the skills necessary to get where she wants to be.

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