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Enjoying Life



Job 33:4

It is the Spirit of God that made me which has stirred me up, and the breath of the Almighty that gives me life which inspires me

Every single one of us has the instinct in our body to move, to be active. Resting after exertion and getting enough sleep are crucial activities if we want our bodies to heal and repair. Cameron Diaz

Currently I am listening to K-Love at 97.9 FM here in Vancouver Washington. My sister gave me her boom box because I no longer have a stereo to listen to upbeat music during my day. Music heals my heart and soul. Music makes me happy. I enjoy music. I no longer have to use headphones on my laptop to listen to music while I’m sitting at my desk writing. This will make my life easier.

So far, my month has been busy. I had a CT scan on the 6th and I saw my pain doctor on Thursday. Dr. Kim is referring me to the Pain Rehabilitation Program that has acupuncture and yoga as part of the program. My insurance will pay for it. This makes my heart happy. Part of my procrastinating on alternative medicine is not having the money to explore these as options for my health. I’m glad that God has provided a way for me to try some new things in my life. The acupuncture is something I have thought about it, but the needles part is a bit disconcerting for me. I’m willing to try it.

Enjoy is one of my focus words for 2017. So far, I’m enjoying some music. Here is one example of a song that makes me happy.

I am enjoying tea again. Yesterday I went shopping at Safeway for new tea. So far out of the new tea I bought I drank lavender chamomile tea. Yum! I also found vanilla stevia to have in my tea. Yum!

Above I shared a scripture and a quote that I have found that inspires me and made me think.

Be well! Breathe deep. Smile. Until next time.

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