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Is the Bible Good for Women?


In exchange for my honest review of Is the Bible Good for Women? By Wendy Alsup I was given a free copy by Blogging for Books. The opinions I express are my own and were in no way influenced.


I just finished reading Wendy Alsup’s book “Is the Bible Good for Women?”. I am thoroughly impressed by the in depth study of Alsup. She takes you on a journey through the Bible from Genesis with Eve all the way to Priscilla who helped Paul. I have a better understanding of the how the Law worked for women and why certain things had to be the way they were even if they sounded barbaric and under valued women at the time. If you truly looked at the laws you might just change your mind. There have been certain things written about women in the Bible that turned my stomach when I read them. How Tamar was raped by her own brother and her father did nothing and what Paul wrote about submission and women’s role in the church. I will let you read Alsup’s book here in order to get her view and opinion and insight on these writings. I will say that I know have a better understanding. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit does value women. It sometimes does not come off that way because of the warped mind of us sinners, because we and I am including myself that we all have sinned and we all hurt each other and under value our neighbors. That is why it is written in the law to love your neighbors and to even value women even those who have been wronged by men. Sin has warped our view on valuing of others and ourselves. I have known this for a long time.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see the value in women and see what God and the Bible says about them. You can go on your own journey of discovery.

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