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In exchange for my honest review of Andrea Lucado’s book English Lessons I was given a free copy by Blogging for Books. The opinions I express are my own and were in no way influenced.

I have been reading Max Lucado’s books and watching him on TV for years. That is why when I was offered a chance to read Andrea Lucado’s book “English Lessons” I jumped at the chance. I am glad I did. I enjoyed reading about her journey in Oxford England and dealing with different types of people and living in a different country. She seemed so human and not like this saint that we often times think of those who are famous or who are the children of the famous ministers should be. I find Lucado’s book enchanting, authentic, real, and something I can relate to.

I appreciated the fact that she spoke about having doubts about God herself and she shared how she dealt with them. I think as we encounter new people who have different opinions and ideas about God we get an opportunity to sharpen our tools and faith. For me, like Lucado when you grow up with parents who have faith in Jesus you sometimes feel like it is your parents’ faith and not your own that you are feeling and acting out of. Lucado finds her own faith in God as she struggled through her new experiences.

As I have been walking through my own journey with identity, I enjoyed reading a story about a woman who is finding her own identity in Jesus. It is so easy to live a life through someone else’s ideals and faith and not be strong in your own. Reading this book helped me know and be okay with not being strong in my own identity and that I can go on a quest to find my own and to handle the doubts with grace like Lucado did.

This would be a great book for anyone who is struggling with doubts about God or even going on their own quest for identity. I will share this book with my sisters and my nieces.

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