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The Chamberlain Key


In exchange for my honest review of “The Chamberlain Key by Timothy Smith I was given a free book by Penguin Random House. The opinions I express are my own and were in no way influenced.

When I received The Chamberlain Key by Timothy Smith I wasn’t sure what I was getting. I have never read any of the Bible Code books. I’m not that familiar with Hebrew or Greek language. I did know someone in my life who is an amateur in the study of Hebrew and Greek for his Bible studies that he does for the local assisted living in our area. I told him about the opportunity that I had and he was intrigued.

For me, I was a bit disappointed that Smith wrote really close to the vest when it came to certain things. I understand his fears and that is why he chose to do so. I did enjoy the story aspect of how he came to discovering what he had. I also enjoyed the history aspect of the book. Where he talked about Moses and the Leningrad Codex. When he got deeper into the Hebrew and how he discovered what he did I felt confused and bit disoriented. I was also amazed. Personally if I discovered that about myself in the Bible I would be freaked out and be hiding under the bed. I also found myself wanting the computer program Smith was using to find what he was finding in the Hebrew Torah.

I let my friend and teacher borrow the book to read to get his opinion. His name happens to be Timothy too. He was intrigued and found himself wanting the software that Smith had too. He also said this “As Mr. Smith Proved, none of this could occur without having the Old Testament and the New Testament working together. This opens us up to the idea that the Bible cannot be divided but must be considered as a seamless, unified document.”

This book is for those who like to dive deep into the Hebrew and the Greek. Who knows God, who knows God has a reason for everything and he reveals it in his own timing. Even in strange books and software. I’m glad that I have had my mind open to the realm of God’s impossibilities. This book definitely shows that.

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