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Let’s Get Spiced Up!

My goal in writing an article about spices is to show men and women that they can learn to cook and to spice up their food without adding a ton of salt or things that will make their health deteriorate. When I first started learning to cook I had an older sister who was a sous chef in a couple of restaurants in Longview. My sister is an excellent cook and knows a lot about cooking techniques and how to flavor food well. One of my favorite things she would make is steamed vegetables with garlic, thyme, and pepper. I am grateful that she taught me how to discover what spices I like and how to use them to make my food taste better. Because I grew up with a family who likes to try new things I like exploring different foods and one of the ways I do that is with the spices and herbs I use when I am making a dish. If you were to look in my cupboard you would see 40 different types of spices that I have bought and experimented with. If you were to look in my freezer you would see freezer bags filled with herbs and spices that I have bought fresh and didn’t want them to go bad before I could use them all. I also love looking through recipe books not to make the recipe but to be inspired to try new types of food from different cultures than mine. I choose not to be afraid to try something new. Recently I discovered that I love pickled asparagus. When I was a kid my mom made canned asparagus and it was disgusting to me. I wouldn’t eat it. However, I discovered that I enjoy fresh asparagus and the pickled variety.

I am a firm believer that using herbs and spices expands my palette without me using up extra calories in my diet. Also, if I flavor my food to taste yummy without using extra salt, fat, or sugar then I am living my wellness plan to the best of my ability. My opinion is, don’t be afraid to experiment. Sometime you are going to make something that tastes like it came from the black lagoon, but sometimes it is going to be so good you are going to want to make it again. I hope that you will be able to find some spices and herbs that will make your tummy happy and be a great part of your wellness plan.

Here are some tips I’d like to share with you:

  1. Grow your herbs. Its spring time and it is time to go walking through the garden part of the stores. Recently, I bought some Greek Oregano and Thyme. Not only do they look pretty and smell great, (I don’t know if it smells great or not, because I have a trach and I can’t smell anymore. Others have told me they do and I believe them) but plants are on sale and they are easy to take care of.
  2. Grocery Outlet has a great section on spices and herbs to choose from at a great price. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on them. Maybe on your shopping trip there this week you can pick up a new spice or herb to try.
  3. Explore the internet. I have found some great websites to help in finding recipes and how to use spices. I will share links to what I have found below.

Be well my friends and if you have any questions or like to share a recipe or even show your story with me so we can inspire each other I would love to hear from you.

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Here are some links I’d like to share with you:

Jamie HollowayJamieHolloway lives in the Portland, Oregon area. Since October 2011 she has been sharing her Journey Toward Health and Wellness with Vasculitis through her blog at JamieChasesButterflies.com. As most of her articles will be about Men’s Health, Jamie intends to write her articles as though she was sharing important information with her brother, nephews and friends. We hope you are as inspired as we are with the raw candor Jamie uses in her writing.

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