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Whispers of Rest


In exchange for a free copy of Whispers of Rest by Bonnie Gray I was given a free copy by Faith Words. The opinions I express are my own and were in no way influenced.

I was excited to receive Bonnie Gray’s devotional Whispers of Rest. As I have been reading each day’s devotional I feel like I am diving deeper into my relationship with Jesus. For a while, I’ve been wondering where and what my purpose in my life was, because of all the medical drama things that have been happening the last few years. Living with a trach, tracheal stenosis, and my other chronic illness has left me feeling broken and desperate for the meaning of all this pain. That is why I chose identity as my focus word this year. As I focus on the love and peace and rest of Jesus I’m beginning to see who I am in Him.

I love how Gray has laid out her daily devotional, with a scripture, quote, prayer, and a chance to journal your thoughts for each day. I find journaling helps me communicate with Jesus. Since with my trach talking does not always happen when I want it to, writing what I want to say to Jesus helps.

The soul care trail notes makes the devotional word easy to sink into my brain for the day. This year I chose Identity as my focus word and reading this devotional is making me understanding and focus on my word for the year. Each day, has something for me to learn about my identity in Christ. Usually, the devotions that I have gotten in the past is only one page. I love that Gray’s is several pages and it is broken up into smaller sections so I can take a small break to digest what I just read. I love that.

I recommend this devotional to my fellow chronic babes, and anyone who wants to get to know Jesus and your identity in Him. You will be slathered with love and a feeling of peace as you read each days devotion.

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