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This Girl Wants to Have Fun


Loving others includes not just giving of our time but feeling with our hearts as well. Relationships require work. Remembering isn’t always easy. And sometimes sweat is involved in listening and loving. Karen Ehman


Sorry that I have not written a personal blog post for the last few weeks. My sister and my nephew came up from Alabama for my birthday for two weeks. I was more active, spent more time with family that I have not seen since childhood, and connected with others than I have in a long time. I’m exhausted. It is a good exhaustion. I have a tiny one bedroom apartment and there was 3 of us and my cat who were sleeping and roaming around. It was close quarters for a while.

I had an awesome 43rd birthday. I had a get together at my apartment where some close friends and neighbors and family came and celebrated the day with me. I got a bunch of coloring books, an awesome beach hat, a wooden brown bear, earrings, and bracelets with charms. The best part is that I didn’t have to cook, my sister made a feast and my friend Summer made her awesome cheese sauce. I also had German chocolate cake. I enjoyed having most of my support team all in one room.

I got to go to the beach. The beach is not the same now that I am in a wheelchair and I can no longer walk on the water or get onto the beach. I had to be on the boardwalk, but I got to hear the roar of the ocean, and experience my nephews first time seeing the Pacific Ocean. I was sadden that I could not dip my toes in the water or the sand. I love feeling the waves crashing on the beach with my feet. When I would stand and be still I felt the earth in a calming way. The beach is my calm place. I feel connected. I feel whole. I feel this way in the forest or any part of being in nature.

The bad part of vacation is that I have not been able to go to pain management and I have been eating poorly. I also have not been able to consistently take my water pills while my sister was here. We were on the road a lot, driving to Eugene Oregon, Turner Oregon, Long Beach Washington, Astoria, Mt. St. Helens, Beaver Bay so it didn’t make sense to take a water pill while being in the car. Now that my vacation is over I aim to get back into my routine and even make some changes to help my life be better. I value family. I value my relationships. Even though I have some challenges getting around or talking out loud I enjoy connecting. That is what I enjoyed the most about this vacation.

Here are some pictures from my vacation:


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