As I write, I am listening to K- Love radio while I am on bed with pen and paper. I’m grateful. I am learning how to maneuver through the challenge of using my tablet for my writing, researching, and posting. I checked out of my library Android Tablets for Dummies. It was a great resource for me to learn my tablet. I am handwriting my posts first before I type them on my tablet. On my laptop I would hover over keys and let the typing keys inspire my writing. You can’t do that with a tablet. ¬†However, I can with pen and paper and that’s what I will be doing.

I have taken on the challenge of being the research manager for Wellness Works NW. Check them out and sign up for their newsletter. You will receive updates on events, articles on wellness from Summer and I. My goal is to explore wellness books, cookbooks, tools that aide, and any research topic Karen, Summer, reader, or other coaches wish me to do. Wellness can be so confusing and overwhelming. I feel that way at times and I bet you do also. So if you have a request send me message at

Recently, I made the choice to step back from diet gurus, books, and youtube videos. I torture myself with them, because I don’t live up to some glitzy perfection that is being presented. However, I love the ones where they are honest about their struggles, emotional pain, self doubts, physical limitations, and are also on a spiritual journey. I am starting over. Going back to the beginning. I started with reading “Nutrition for Dummies” . This is a comprehensive book on nutrition. I will be writing on this subject on a later post, the point I am making is, I am simplifying my wellness goals. I am choosing to include spiritual, emotional goals along with physical and food.

I am committed to doing an 8 week program called “The Wellness Revelation” by Alisa Keeton. I will be reviewing this book when I am on week 4. I just completed week 1. I love it so far. It’s real work on all levels in your life. I am diving deeper into my identity in Jesus. One of my focus words for 2017.

My physical therapy is going well. I am doing legs stretches. I am noticing a difference. I am preparing for next week when I will have a medical appointment  every single day. Including my Rituximab chemo infusion. This whole month is full of medical appointments.

I am healing well from my last throat surgery. The pain has lessened. I notice a huge difference between 1 centimeter and 12. Its amazing what one can do when getting enough oxygen.

Be well, until next time,

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