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Becoming Resilient

In exchange for my review of Donna Gibbs book “Becoming Resilient” I was given a free copy by Revell. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

God is amazing! Identity is my focus word this year. Since choosing identity I have received several great books on this topic. Yet, nothing spoke to my whole person like Donna Gibbs book “Becoming Resilient”.
When I first started reading, I felt a resistance to this book. It was a challenge for me to read it, not because I couldn’t comprehend or poor writing, but because it dives deeper into emotional healing and my identity.
This is not a superficial, quick fix book. You will hurt, you will heal, you will be opening up your wounds so that Jesus can heal them. It is worth it, the drainage, cleansing, and stitching back together is worth it.
What touched me the most in Gibbs book is the section about having your identity be your illness or disability. I struggle with thinking that all I am is this sick woman who can barely breathe or function. I sometimes feel like throwing in the towel. The last couple of weeks I have felt this way. Is this my identity? Is this all that I am? No it isn’t. Yet, most of my time is spent in medical suffering and appointments. As you can see, I am still in emotional healing.
I would like everyone to read this book and answer the questions and find their own resilience to suffering.
Here is where you can purchase your copy:

Becoming Resilient

Donna Gibbs

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