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Courage for the Unknown Season

In exchange for my review of Jan Silvious’ book Courage for the Unknown Season I was given a free copy by Tyndale. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced by anyone.

Life changes with no warning. For me, the seasons started changing when I was 13 and my mother passed away. I had to adapt to a new family. I learned at a young age to value my relationships over the material things of life. The next season changed when two important people in my life passed away in the same year. I was in a fog and couldn’t function. Then I started not being able to breathe and discovered I had trachael stenonsis. Jan Silvious in her book Courage for the Unknown Season tells us that we have seasons in our lives and we get to choose how we go on our journey of change.
Silvious shares some personal stories and from others who have or are facing new seasons of life. I appreciate their candid stories about how they’ve faced the challenges and searched for the joyful moments. It’s amazing how God is faithful in never leaving us while we journey through the trials, painful moments, and the blessings.
In the last few chapters Silvious shares a plan and gives the reasons why she suggests moving our bodies, eating well, to prevent falls, and brain health. Since living with my illnesses I know the importance of all that she writes and suggests. I want to head for ninety too.

This book is for anyone facing a new season in their lives. It does not matter what it is.

Here is where you can purchase your copy:

Courage for the Unknown Season


Jan Silvious

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