Hurt Road

In exchange for my review I was given a free copy of Mark Lee’s book “Hurt Road” by Revell. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

I enjoy Third Days music so I was excited to read Mark Lee’s book Hurt Road. Reading a musicians memoir helps me know how they got to where they are right now. Everyone has a story with many different seasons, challenges, and painful moments to go through. I appreciate Lee’s candor, humor, and miracles he has experienced. This helped him to be a good father, brother, husband, son, and band mate.
When Lee shared about his experience with his fathers cancer and death. I felt a kinship. My mother and father both passed away and that pain and emptiness is real and painful. I remember the death rattle of my father and this part of Lee’s story helped me realize that my pain has healed. I enjoy remembering him. I also know the value and importance of relationships.
This memoir is worth reading and appreciating someones who’s story is broken and healed. And understanding the music lyrics and riffs of a pretty cool band.

Here is where you can purchase your own copy:

Hurt Road

Mark Lee

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