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Memory Rescue

In exchange for my review I was given a copy of Memory Rescue by Dr. Daniel G. Amen by Tynsdale. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

Brain health is something that I have been paying attention to since I have had to have throat surgery every three to six months since 2009, even more when this all started. Going under for surgery messes up your brain, and I love my brain, so I wanted to do what I can. I am thankful for Daniel Amen’s books on brain health. I learned more from his new book Memory Rescue. Although, I felt like I am screwed because of my chemo and surgeries that I have to get done for the rest of my life. As I continued reading I started realizing that I can do what I can despite my challenging circumstances.
I love that Memory Rescue has plans for each section of your brain. I saw that I am doing some things already that I didn’t know was good for my brain. For us with illnesses that don’t have cures and harsh medications this book helps you map out how to take care of brain and feel like you are being a great fighter for yourself.

If you would like to purchase your own copy:

Memory Rescue

Daniel G. Amen

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