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The Disconnected Man


In exchange for my review I was given a free copy of Jim Turner’s book The Disconnected Man by Faith Words. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.


Relationship is vital for every human being that God created. Sometimes a disconnect happens when emotional, physical, or mental trauma happens. No matter what our sex is, disconnection can happen. In Jim Turner’s book he shares his own personal story and ways to work through it and become connected in relationship with your spouse, friends, children, and other family members.

Although, The Disconnected Man is geared towards a marriage relationship I still found value in what Turner had to share. In chapter 15 Turner shares tips on how to reconnect. I like that he says his book is good for a men’s group or a women’s group. I believe he is correct on this.

I believe when you are diagnosised with a chronic condition whether you are male or female a part of you disconnects from relationship. Because we either believe we are being judged or that we are not valuable enough to be in relationship anymore. Disconnection isn’t just a man problem, we females disconnect in our own way too. I know how valuable relationships are. God created us to be in relationship and suffering is a part of being in relationship. I also believe that Love creates the healing that is needed to reconcile our relationships. There are a lot of valuable insight in this book and it would be a good book to read together as a married couple.


If you would like to purchase this book:


The Disconnected Man

Jim Turner

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