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Fire On The Track




Betty Robinson was an Olympic God medalist in running in 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam. This is a fantastic story, full of ambition, and determination. Betty’s accident before the Olympics in Los Angels derailed her dream, but she made up for it in the 1936 Olympics. I love stories portraying strong, determined, and inspiring women who fight for themselves and therefore for others while healing. Robinson’s plane accident helped her to become more determined, more goaled oriented of pursuing her dream of being a part of the Olympics again. Robinson and the other runners showed that women can be athletes, they can even earn medals even when the USA men’s team did not. This is a fantastic story. I hope they will make a movie from this story.

This is a wonderful book to share with young ladies who aspire to become an athlete, heck, even if they do not want to be an athlete but anything they set their minds to, this book showcases strong, determined, and women of grit and charachtor gaining something valuable. The discovery of their own strength and own identity in a masculine world.

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Fire On The Track

Roseanne Montillo


In exchange for my review of Fire On The Track by Roseanne Montillo I was given a free copy from Blogging For Books. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.


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