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The Ketogenic Bible


The Keto Diet is something I have been interested in and since my friend at Wellness Works NW has started selling Ketones Supplements from Pruvit I became even more intrigued. I checked out at my library a great book called The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis by Dr. Jacob Wilson and Dr. Ryan Lowery. This book is full of great information, research, recommendations, and even recipes. I believe anyone who wants to do the Keto Diet should consider reading this great book.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Keto illuminates carbs from your body. When you illuminate the carbs then the body turns proteins and fat into carbs so that they will burn for the energy you will need instead of carbs. So if you want to burn fat, then getting rid of the carbs will help you get to the fat burning stage where fat will turn into carbs and get burned for the energy we need to sustain our life.
  2. There is a healthy range for ketosis and even if you don’t have health concerns it is important to know the safe range. There are great urine testers, blood testers, and even breath testers. The best tester is the one that is from the blood. The ranges are: Normal 0 to 0.4 MMOL that means your blood sugars are 80 to 120. The best range for ketosis is 0.5 to 7 MMOL that makes your glucose levels 60 to 120. The fatal stage/ danger is 15 to 20 MMO this will makes your blood sugars 200 and higher. This can cause death. If your ketotisis meter reads anywhere near this range then go to the emergency room quickly.
  3. Ketone supplements do help you reach ketosis. There are two different types Keto Salts and Ketone Esters.
  4. Ketone Salts are a white substance that consist of BHB molecules that are bind to amino acids such as lysine, arginine, creatine, citrulline, agmatine, and leucine. With keto salt supplements it is important to factor them into your daily intake so you can avoid over consumption of certain minerals. You should also put them on your medication list for your doctors and pharmacy.
  5. Ketone Esters are salt free liquids that exist in monoester one and diester two. This means that instead of the ketone molecule being bound to a mineral, as is the case with ketone salts, the ketone molecule is bound to a different substance via and ester bond, such as D-B Hydroxybutyrate or ethanol. That is why they taste like jet fuel or rocket fuel. They are still working on the cost factor and the taste factor. It is important to let your doctor know you are taking the supplement and even your pharamcy.


There is so much more information in this book. I could write pages and pages. If you would like to purchase the keto supplement from Pruvit here is where you can purchase some through Karen Clemenson at Wellness Works NW. Or if you want more information you can call, email, or Facebook her.

If you want to learn more you can purchase this book at:


The Ketogenic Bible


Pruvit Keto OS Karen Clemenson

Wellness Works NW


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