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You Are Beautiful



In exchange for my review of Ashley Reitz’s book You are Beautiful I was given a free copy from Faith Words. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.


When I was growing up, I never saw myself as beautiful. I was fat, walked funny, talked differently, and thought differently than anyone I have ever know. I just accepted this about myself and never looked into make-up, close, or anything that one does to feel beautiful. As I am growing older, I am finding myself drawn to clothes, hair, makeup, self-care that strong and healthy women have known about. In Ashley Reitz book You are beautiful she takes you on her own journey through the rigors of what beauty is and isn’t from a Christ center position. Although, this book is geared towards young teenage ladies, those of us who are older, way older can still gain some valuable information about what our worthy and true identiy is in Christ. That is what 2017 has been about for me, finding my own beauty and value and identity in Christ.

This book is perfect for a young lady and her mother or woman mentor to work through together. There are some great questions and things to talk about in this book.


If you would like to purchase this book:


You are Beautiful

Ashley Reitz


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