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Gratitude in Motion


As someone who has a chronic condition I love reading inspirational stories of other people who have a chronic condition and kept on fighting and living. In Colleen Kelly Alexander book Gratitude in Motion you get that type of story.

I cried, I laughed, and I rejoiced with Alexander as she meandered through her journey to get back to the core of who she is. It’s a journey and yes some things do change when your body changes, but the core of who you are stays intact. The thought process of Alexander as she suffered through some horrifying trauma is admirable and appreciated. She didn’t play the victim. I know that is a daily struggle for I to live with a disability and ugly scars from the 120 surgeries I have had to endure. The only thing is I’m not an athelete, Alexander’s book makes me want to become one.

I also love that she is relationship oriented, instead of me oriented. Blood donation is an important pursuit. In 2010 I received a blood transfusion, not to the extent that Alexander did. Go donate blood, help others. Here is where you can get more information: Red Cross 


If you would like to purchase this book:


Gratitude in Motion

Colleen Kelly Alexander


In exchange for my review of Colleen Kelly book Gratitude in Motion I received a free copy from Hatchette. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.


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