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The Air I Breathe



Worship to me has been a scary word. The reason is because I have been to different types of churches conservative and enthusiastic. I grew up in a conservative church where you stand and sing hymns there was no flying hands, dancing, shouting, or any type of passion shown. If you did, it was a shamed feeling that you felt all around you from the others. So when I have been to an enthusiastic church where their passion for the Lord is expressed freely and in loud ways I feel uncomfortable. I still do. Although, I admire their abilities to worship without shame and guilt thrust upon them I still have a hard time showing my passion for God in that way. While I was reading Louie Giglio’s book The Air I Breathe I appreciated his approach of showing the value and importance of worship, all types of worship. Worship isn’t just meant for Sunday’s at church, but in everything and every single day that we are here on earth. It isn’t passive. It is passionately felt, the sadness, the pain, the joy, and the disappointments in life. David freely worshipped God in these ways, so why shouldn’t we. Worship helps us build an intimate relationship with God.
Giglio’s book is of great value for anyone who is a follower of God. I highly recommend you read it.


If you would like to purchase your own copy:


The Air I Breathe

Louie Giglio


In exchange for my review of Louie Giglio’s book The Air I Breathe I was given a free copy from Blogging for Book. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

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