Kill Shot


Smart bullets, snipers, the FBI, and the military if you enjoy reading anything about these things then Susan Sleeman’s book Kill Shot is for you. I like getting lost in a story and Sleeman’s book allowed me to to do just that. I was intrigued about the smart bullet, can you imagine a bullet that is self steering that had a 100 percent accuracy that can turn a novice gun shooter into an expert. Scary to think about isn’t it? I cannot even imagine such a bullet exists. How would the world change if it did?

I have pain days and one of the tools I use is getting lost in a story whether a movie or a good novel such as Sleeman’s. It helps me forget and concentrate on something other than pain.


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Kill Shot

Susan Sleeman


In exchange for my review I was given a free copy of Susan Sleeman’s book Kill Shot from Hatchette. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

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