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Why I Hate Green Beans


I like to laugh. Laughter is medicine to me. Even now as I write this in the middle of night while suffering from insomnia due to not being able to breathe well because of my tracheal stenosis I still appreciate a good book such as Why I Hate Green Beans by Lincee Ray to make me laugh and forget my woes. I have never read her blog and to be honest I don’t care about the Bachelor, but I do love good food, music, awesome friends, blogs, writing, and reading and of course Disney movies. I have never been to Disney World or Disneyland. I hope to one day go before I get to old to enjoy it. Those two places are on my bucket list.

Lincee Ray has an incredible sense of humor even in her darkest moments and I look forward to exploring her blog and reading more of her wittiness. Is that even a word, wittiness? I don’t know, but it sounds right to me. I find myself wishing she was my best friend so we can laugh, cry, and discuss things. I can hear from her in person about her trips to different parts of the world.


If you desire to purchase her book:


Why I Hate Green Beans

Lincee Ray


In exchange for my review of Lincee Ray’s book Why I Hate Green Beans I was given a free copy from Revell. The opinions I express are my own and I was not influenced.

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